Daniel Mankani
is the founder and managing partner of Banking Technologies Asia Msc. Daniel’s entrepreneurial career spanning three decades began in Hong Kong in 1991 with
International Capital Group as a broker/dealer in the Foreign Exchange markets and by 1995, having achieved the position as is its Marketing Director, he moved onwards from there to Singapore to realise his dream career as a trader/broker with Phillip Futures and Refco Asia where he developed and authored systematic trading systems on the world’s financial markets and launched Dynamictrader.com trend trading dynamics financial advisory services in 1998.

In the year 2000, he founded Redpacket.com Pte Ltd and having experienced the dot.com collapse first hand, he detailed his understandings in his book, launched in 2003, Technopreneurship - The Successful Entrepreneur in the New Economy, which became a text book for technology entrepreneurs in Universities all across South East Asia.

In 2003, he moved to Malaysia and setup Banking Technologies Asia MSC as a financial technology solutions provider and in 2007, founded Sri Vijaya Estates Sdn Bhd, a real estate investment trading and managing company. Throughout all these years of various entrepreneurial activities in Technology and Finance and having been part of in various ventures he heads the innovation incubation division of Banking Technologies Asia, where the key concepts of Technopreneurship are emphazied,

Technology should never be cannibalistic and value creation is a very important concept

Technology is a tool for information gathering its not rocket science and opportunities are always present before taking the plunge into technopreneurship  know your key goals. 

What does it take? Mind Challenges, Potential Pitfalls and fair ownerships among startup founders. 

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